Terrapin Lending Company,  launched in 2012, lends money to small businesses and has extended more than 20 loans as of December, 2016.  It offers bespoke loans tailored to meet a borrower’s unique needs, both in terms of collateral and cash flow.  For instance, unlike most banks who focus only on real estate assets as collateral,  it will make loans based on other forms of collateral including equipment, stakes in private companies and signed purchase orders.

The loans are typically secured by assets and range in maturity from one to three years and in size from $1 to $10 million.

The images above are included to illustrate the types of businesses to which we lend. They do not depict actual borrowers or their businesses.

The business services credit-worthy borrowers who have difficulty getting financing elsewhere, in part, because conventional lenders will not take the time or put in the effort to understand the borrower’s needs in order to structure a transaction that supports the borrower’s business.