Private Equity

We are opportunistic, agile, and experienced investors.  We generally seek high-growth, emerging businesses that are applying new technologies or business models to traditional industries.  We also seek stable and profitable businesses and assets that can benefit from our capital, experience, and relationships.

Private Equity Investment Strategy

In general, we seek two types of investments:

  • In existing, more mature, later stage companies where we act in a traditional role as an outside private equity investor; and
  • In start-up, less mature, early stage companies with seasoned management teams where we may act as high level advisors providing capital, strategic guidance, infrastructure, business development support, and more. 

We consider investments in a wide variety of industries and markets.  As long as there is an understandable investment thesis and a strong pathway for revenue and profit growth, we will evaluate an investment opportunity.  In general, we look at:

  • Technology and Media
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare (including services and devices but excluding pharmaceuticals, biotech or solutions lacking existing FDA approvals)
  • Basic Industry
  • Commercial Services
  • Retail, Food and Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture

We focus on US-based investments, but in some cases we will invest internationally. 

We are flexible with regard to transaction size.  We invest amounts less than $1 million in early stage ventures and increase our commitment over time as the company grows.  We also invest substantially larger amounts in later stage companies.

We can also accommodate a variety of deal structures, tailored to the needs of each opportunity.

Note: The following is an illustrative, but not comprehensive or exhaustive, list of private direct investments made by Terrapin Partners, LLC, certain of its affiliates, and its principals.  For the purposes of this page, the term “affiliates” does not include Terrapin Asset Management, LLC, TICO Management Company, LP d/b/a Terrapin Lending Company, or any private fund either may manage.   This summary of investments is provided for illustrative and informational purposes only.

Current Investments

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